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    London Embassy Security Glazing

    Embassy and Consulate Security

    Embassies and Consulates are commonly considered to be the sovereign territory of the overseas country they represent, as such they have a long history of being the focus of protests, attacks and even sieges. Terrorists and pressure groups know that any action at an Embassy or Consulate is likely to be reported to the global media, and in many cases ambassador’s and consular staff are more vulnerable to attack than they are within their own countries.

    Architectural Armour Ltd have worked extensively in London improving the security within both Embassies, Consular offices, Attaché’s offices as well as the off site private residences of many Government officials. Whether the threat is physical attack, bullet or blast we have a range of bespoke solutions to meet your needs.


    London Embassy Security

    London Embassies are often in listed buildings concentrated around central London, typically Kensington, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Mayfair, the listed building status inhibits the replacement of the existing doors and windows, by introducing a bulletproof (resistant), glazed security screen and security door, set back behind the front door we can create a secure lobby which enables staff to question visitors and X-ray deliveries before admitting them further into the building.

    Visa Office Counters and Security Windows

    Visa Office Counters offer security for staff and assets between the consular staff and visa applicants; a well-designed bulletproof counter and screen will enable staff to quickly and efficiently process visa applications.

    Secure interview room screens

    Secure interview room screens offer all the security benefits of a visa office counter within an interview room, where its essential to have more discreet face to face communication to fully establish applicants details. We can install into existing rooms or by erecting security walls and security partitions create the actual room.

    Diplomatic Protection

    Diplomatic Protection encompasses a multitude of disciplines but when residing either within the Embassy, Consulate or private residence a range of security measures can enhance security enabling security staff to relax close protection whilst in these buildings. Security improvements include installing bulletproof windows, security doors and airlocks, enhancing walls in sleeping areas with bullet resistant wall panels or the creation of a safe or panic room.

    Please call Architectural Armour Ltd to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit.