Security Walls


  • Secure walls like doors and windows are an essential component of any security installation. Modern building designs may not offer the physical protection levels of older brick and concrete structures.  Architectural Armour offer a range of materials and products to secure new and old walls to offer ballistic and blast fragmentation protection.  

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Security Walls

Architectural Armour offer a selection of security walling products for up armouring existing walls or for new builds. Products include bullet resistant fibreglass wall panels or ballistic steel, both offering protection from 9mm handguns to 7.62 rifle ammunition together with protection from blast fragmentation.

We can supply individual sheets to complete modular structures to suit your requirements.To compliment these we also offer ballistic and explosion vents and louvres.


Bullet Boards 

Armoured Steel 

Ballistic Vents and Louvres

Explosion Vents and Panels 

Latest News

Armoury Security

Architectural Armour were commissioned to provide ballistic resistant products for a new armoury at a UK International Airport.

                   Armoury handgun and ammunition pass through hatch  Ballistic Armoury Doors  Ballistic Armoury Drawer. for wepons transfer.j

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London Bureau De Change Attack

We read it all the time in the news headlines, multiple attackers arrive on stolen mopeds, dressed in black with helmets covering their faces smashing their way through glass shopfronts and glazed screens.

                Bureau de Change London Attacked Glass        Bureau de Change counter & screen

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