Technical Specification and Standards

The Technical Specification pages are here to give a brief guide to the International Standards for testing the bullet, blast fire and manual attack, products and assemblies.  The full drafts of these tests standards run into hundreds of pages and great detail regarding the test condition , equipment used,  monitoring and recording to name just a few. The following pages were compiled to give a very brief insight to some of the more pertinent aspects.

Methods of testing high security products vary worldwide, the following pages are predominantly European and American test standards.  This is not an exhaustive list of the International technical specifications available merely those that Architectural Armour are often asked to provide security products to adhere to. They include Attack , Ballistic , Fire and Blast.


The information offered are extracts, not  full reports and Architectural Armour Ltd accepts no liability for any loss, direct, indirect or consequential damage incurred by using this information, to the fullest extent permitted by law. You should make your own judgement as regards use of this document and seek out the full test standards. 

Latest News

Armoury Security

Architectural Armour were commissioned to provide ballistic resistant products for a new armoury at a UK International Airport.

                   Armoury handgun and ammunition pass through hatch  Ballistic Armoury Doors  Ballistic Armoury Drawer. for wepons transfer.j

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London Bureau De Change Attack

We read it all the time in the news headlines, multiple attackers arrive on stolen mopeds, dressed in black with helmets covering their faces smashing their way through glass shopfronts and glazed screens.

                Bureau de Change London Attacked Glass        Bureau de Change counter & screen

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