Staff Protection Products

With over 30 years experience providing physical and bullet resistant products to enable staff to safely transact with the public,  Architectural Armour are well placed to provide a workable solution for your security requirements .


Staff Protection

Staff safety and protection is an essential requirement for any employer,  Architectural Armour offer a range of stock and bespoke products to enable your staff to transact with the public.  Products are available to resist physical or ballistic attack without compromising staff safety, these range from simple transaction windows, to multi positioned ticket offices with bespoke counters and screens.


Cash Scoops and Trays 

Attack Resistant Windows 

Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows

Cash Transfer Unit 

Night Pay Window

Security Counters and Screens 



Latest News

Armoury Security

Architectural Armour were commissioned to provide ballistic resistant products for a new armoury at a UK International Airport.

                   Armoury handgun and ammunition pass through hatch  Ballistic Armoury Doors  Ballistic Armoury Drawer. for wepons transfer.j

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London Bureau De Change Attack

We read it all the time in the news headlines, multiple attackers arrive on stolen mopeds, dressed in black with helmets covering their faces smashing their way through glass shopfronts and glazed screens.

                Bureau de Change London Attacked Glass        Bureau de Change counter & screen

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