EN 1522/3 FB7 Timber Bullet Resistant Door

The below FB7 timber bullet resistant door has been specifically tested to EN1522/3 FB7 against a 7.62 x 51 calibre weapon, a Rifle.  

The difference to the FB6 standard is the ammunition used in the Rifle. FB7 uses steel hard core bullets compared to the soft core in FB6.

For more information on the complete range of test standards, including the corresponding EN1063 standard please see our technical specifications section.

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Please also see below the different configurations possible on these Timber Bullet Resistant Doors


EN1522-3-FB7-Bullet-Resistant-Security-Timber-Finish-DoorEN1522-3-FB7-Bullet-Resistant-Timber-Finish-Door-Vision-Panel-BR7Bullet-Resistant-EN1522-3-FB7-Timber-Finish-Door-Push-Bar-UKBullet-Resistant-Timber-Finish-Doors-EN1522-3-FB7EN1522-3-FB7-Bulletproof-Doors-Vision-PanelsBullet-Resistant-Timber-Finish-Double-Doors-NIJ-0108-01-LEVEL-IVEN1522-3 FB7-Bullet-Resistant-Timber-Finish-Double-Door Timber Bullet Resistant Configurations


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