Stadium Ticket Windows

Stadium Ticket Windows

Stadiums have been constructed throughout history, one of the largest recorded at the time of its’ build was the Colosseum in Rome. From 70AD to 82AD the arena was built and could house a staggering 50-80,000 spectators.


external ticket windows

Modern stadiums capacity has increased since 70AD, the largest Stadium in the world boasts a capacity of 150,000 spectators.  Closer to home in Europe and UK, most Football Stadiums do not exceed 100,000 with the largest UK Stadium holding 90,000 (Wembley).  With increased numbers of the public passing through their premises the need for increased security has become apparent.


stadium ticket office window

Ticket offices are an important part of a stadium/arena project.  With the thousands of visitors and customers that use these counters, whether to buy tickets or get information, it will be the first point of contact and needs to be accessible and usable for both customers and employees.

Architectural Armour have worked on a number of internal and external ticket office applications, identifying the key elements to provide a versatile and effective solution for our customer requirements.

No project is the same but principles can be adopted throughout to ensure the best solution is achieved;

  • Location within the stadium design of the ticket office, to allow safe and easy egress of the public in & out of the venue and to public transport/parking, where the public can be separated from vehicular traffic to mitigate blast from car bombs. 
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and safe counter heights and depths for staff working conditions.
  • DDA compliance
  • Cash scoops or drawers designed specifically for cash and ticket transactions or pass through of larger items/packages
  • Appropriate speech transfer systems to aid in conversation between customers and employees
  • Multiple standards of glazing, framework and counters to compliment the application and security specification choice or combination of Ballistic/Blast/Theft resistance
  •          e.g. EN1522/3 FB4 Counter Frames, incorporating EN1063 BR4 Glazing
  • Ticket Office Walls and Ceilings can be protected with our Bullet Boards
  • Access Siphons /Inter locked Doors for added secure entry.  

         external ticket window

external ticket widnow concept drawing

technical drawings external ticket window


Latest News

Split Height Transaction Window Duo - Stock Coming Soon

Using experience on previous projects and customers requirements we have designed a split height transaction window offering standing and DDA access to reception and data centre environments.

2 Position Screen


For more information and pricing please contact our office on info@architecturalarmour.com or +44(0)1981 257000



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Increased Stock for Express Delivery

We have increased our range of stock transaction windows to six units , ready for express dispatch.

Our range of transaction windows include, physical attack resistant and bullet resistant internal and external models. Please see below an outline of our products.

Architectural Armour are offering standard stock items and bespoke orders to suit.  Please contact us on +44(0) 1981 257000 



Stock Transaction Windows













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