Data Centre Security

The threats to Data Centres are multiple and whilst we are all familiar with the terms E Crime, Cyber Crime and now even Cyber Terrorism. Cyber Security is only a part of the whole security package that Data Centres need to employ. Physical security is required to control and restrict access at the Data Centre perimeter and building envelope, with further levels of security within.

Architectural Armour have bespoke manufactured and installed a range of security products for data centres in the UK,  USA and Europe. Products include Bullet Resistant Doors, Blast Resistant Doors, Bullet Resistant Windows, Bullet Wall Panels, Reception Counters and Screens.

Project(s) USA 

Whilst US manufacturers have a good understanding, and need of bulletproof / resistant doors and windows, our International client required additional blast resistance for their new Data Centre which they were not able to satisfy “in country”.  Architectural Armour were tasked with providing the specified security doors whilst complying with stringent US fire standards. We commissioned a fire test to US Standard UL10C at the Cambridge Fire Institute where our door successfully held for the 3 hour test followed by the hose stream test . See video on Fire resistant Door page 

The doors and windows were manufactured in the UK, export wrapped and crated then shipped to the US to be installed by local term contractors, with Architectural Armour visiting briefly to explain the workings of the complicated 3 and 4 point locking and final commissioning. 

The client liked the doors and we were soon repeating the process, this time upgrading an existing Data Centre facility in another state. Further commissions for the same client led to us manufacturing and overseeing installations at regional offices in North Africa. 

Project(s) Slough 

Ok, Slough is not quite as glamorous as working in New York but it is home to multiple Data Centres, many of which Architectural Armour have manufactured and installed high security products for.

Secure Reception Counters 

Secure counters and screens not only offer function they are usually located in the reception area which is where first impressions are formed by the customer. Nobody wants to see a counter and screen that looks like it belongs in a 1960’s bank, in an ultra modern hi tech setting. Working with the clients designer’s Architectural Armour have reproduced their idea’s into modern attractive high security counters and screens.


Entry to the Data Centre will be managed with strict procedures to monitor and control visitor access both into and within the data centre. Whilst meeting and greeting the visitors, security operatives need to monitor the feeds from the surveillance cameras, control pedestrian and vehicle perimeter access and respond to any threat. Architectural Armour’s flexible approach and bespoke design's have successfully provided working solutions for Data Centre's  security needs. 

      Data Center Security Reception Desk, Counter & Screen.jpg  Data Center Security Counter and Screen       


Typical Features of Data Centre Security Reception Counters and Screens


Security counter 

Bespoke manufactured brushed stainless steel covered counter accommodating recessed flush Sitec transfer tray and Contacta intercom system.

Window Units / System 

Stainless steel finish, glazed security screen to EN 1522/3 BR Level Standard

Ballistic Glazing 

Glazed with ballistic- bullet resistant glass to EN 1063 BR Level Standard

Speech Transfer System

Contacta Speech transfer system:Product reference: K003L, flush mounted system with twin channel audio amplifier, power supply unit integrated induction loop.

Document TransferTray

Sitec GMBH Document transfer tray: Product reference: P7032/F60/VA; Finish: RAL 9005, jet black; Operation: Manual 


Sitec 7032 Tray , Contacta K003L


Latest News

Split Height Transaction Window Duo 

Using experience on previous projects and customers requirements we have designed a split height transaction window offering standing and DDA access to reception and data centre environments.

2 Position Screen


For more information and pricing please contact our office on info@architecturalarmour.com or +44(0)1981 257000



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Increased Stock for Express Delivery

We have increased our range of stock transaction windows to six units , ready for express dispatch.

Our range of transaction windows include, physical attack resistant and bullet resistant internal and external models. Please see below an outline of our products.

Architectural Armour are offering standard stock items and bespoke orders to suit.  Please contact us on +44(0) 1981 257000 



Stock Transaction Windows













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