35mm EN1063 BR5 and BR6  Bullet Boards 

The below BR5 Bullet Boards are specifically tested to EN 1063 BR5 against a 5.56 x 45 NATO rifle.  As you can see from the table below there are many comparisons to the UL test standards. For more information on the complete range of test standards, including EN1063 please see our technical specifications section.


Class Threat Level

Type of Weapon



No of shots

Velocity (m/s)

Test Range (m)

Spacing (mm)

EN1063 BR5


5.56 x 45



950+/- 10


120+/- 10

UL 752 Level 7


5.56 x 45







We have outlined the basic information on our 35mm Bullet Boards, rated to EN1063 BR5/FB5 as can be seen below.  We also have fixing information that will enable you to understand the most efficient way to secure the boards to your wall or structure.  For more information, prices or to discuss your project in more detail with one of our team members please contact our offices on +44(0) 1981 257000 or email mailto:info@architecturalarmour.com

br5 bullet board en1063

 35mm FB5/BR5 Bullet Board Fixing Details

br5 fb5 bullet board fixing details

We also offer other levels of bullet resistant boards, including BR2BR3, BR4, BR4+, BR6 and SG2.  Please click on the relevant standard to view more details.  Alternatively if you wish to return to the Bullet Boards main page please click the link.  These boards can be utilised in applications that include Security Counter and Screens or even Security Doors, they are a versatile product.

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