Audio Pass Through Trays are ideal for the transfer of money and small packets between the staff and public, especially where the security glazing systems does not allow an adequate path for the transmission of speech. The Audio Tray has an integral microphone and speech system providing fully duplex speech communication, with induction loop.

The tray’s sides are manufactured from mild steel whilst the central pass through trough is fabricated from stainless steel. There is a Perspex slider, which is designed to prevent anyone being able to reach through the tray to the secure side. 

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The Ballistic Cashier Tray was designed to offer the same electonic speech transfer and ease of operation as the Audio Pass Through Tray but with the added benefit of ballistic protection to EN 1522 FB4 & FSG. The tray has been independently tested and certified to withstand multiple shots from .44 Magnum handgun and a Shotgun firing Solid lead slugs.

The visible part of the tray is manufactured from laser cut stainless steel with black perforated mesh panels housing the speakers.

Architectural Armour are happy to offer this Ballistic Trays as a supply only item,  incorporate into a security counter or combine with our Bullet Resistant Security Screens design to suit your specific requirements.

The polycarbonate slider is fitted to prevent members of the public reaching through the cash tray to the cashiers side, it also assists the cashier enabling them to see what is in the tray even with the slider drawn back to the secure side.

The unit is supplied complete with an integral Induction loop and an external amplifier.  All the plug in connections are clearly marked for quick and easy installation.  The amplifier has two adjustment controls, Balance and Volume which need setting after installation. 

The Cashier has a panel with 4 controls , 

Power On / Off.

Mic, which turns the cashier side microphones on and off for staff privacy.

Loop which tests the Induction Loop.

Volume which boosts the volume above its standard setting when depressed.

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To view or download the data sheet please click here 

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