EN 1522/3 FB7  EN 1063 BR7 Windows

Architectural Armour manufacture bespoke Bullet Proof- Resistant Windows to suit your specific requirements. 

The FB7 BR7 window detailed on this page below is specifically tested to EN 1063 BR7 and EN1522/3 FB7, withstanding multiple impacts from a 7.62 x 51 calibre weapon, a Rifle (AP).   As you can see from the table below there are many comparisons to the NIJ and UL test standards when considering the Europeon EN 1063 standard.  For an in depth understanding of all test standards please see our technical specifications section.



Class Threat Level

Type of Weapon



No of shots

Velocity (m/s)

Test Range (m)

Spacing (mm)

EN1063 BR7


7.62 x 51



820+/- 10


120+/- 10

NIJ 0108.01 Level III


7.62 (308 Winchester) FMJ



838+/- 15



UL 752 Level 8


7.62 x 51

LC/FMJ Military Ball






EN 1063 BR7 EN 1522 FB7 Bullet Resistant Window Image


Architectural Armour offer other Bullet Resistant/Ballistic window specifications, including EN1522/3 FB2 BR2, FB3 BR3FB4 BR4, FB5 BR5, FB6 BR6 and NIJ 0108.01.  Please click on the relevant link to review the data sheet and further information.   Alternatively please go back to the Bullet Resistant Window or Security Windows homepage.  These windows can be fitted with a selection of bullet resistant glass in both Spall allowed and No Spall variants

Please email mailto:info@architecturalarmour.com or call +44(0)1981 257000 to discuss your requirements.

Latest News

Split Height Transaction Window Duo 

Using experience on previous projects and customers requirements we have designed a split height transaction window offering standing and DDA access to reception and data centre environments.

2 Position Screen


For more information and pricing please contact our office on info@architecturalarmour.com or +44(0)1981 257000



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Increased Stock for Express Delivery

We have increased our range of stock transaction windows to six units , ready for express dispatch.

Our range of transaction windows include, physical attack resistant and bullet resistant internal and external models. Please see below an outline of our products.

Architectural Armour are offering standard stock items and bespoke orders to suit.  Please contact us on +44(0) 1981 257000 



Stock Transaction Windows













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