1. Why Bullet Resistant not Bulletproof


    Bulletproof, Armoured, Ballistic and Bullet Resistant are all terms commonly used to describe glass designed to withstand the impact of bullets. Broadly speaking they are all describing the same thing, but technically speaking, bulletproof, armoured, ballistic are only correct as a collective term, whilst bullet resistant with a qualifying level of protection is the correct way to describe it.


    Bullets come in a number of sizes, weights and constructions, they can be made to travel at different velocities from a range of distances. A composite designed to withstand a specific bullet from small calibre weapon can be considered to be bullet resistant only to that weapon and bullet from that distance, it's not likely be bullet resistant to a larger calibre gun firing a similar construction bullet at a closer range and higher velocity.


    Bulletproof Glass BR2, BR4, BR5, BR6

    To describe a glass composite as bullet proof would imply the ability to withstand any bullet from any calibre of weapon, therefore any bullet proof product should technically be further qualified as being bullet resistant to a specified level.

    To illustrate , the adjacent picture displays bullets ranging from a 9mm parabellum through to a 7.62 x 51mm Nato Cartridge and the thicknesses of glass required to withstand them.

    The thinner glass on the right may be bulletproof for its ability to withstand 9mm Parabellum rounds but it would not stop the 7.62 x 51 mm Nato round.

    Thankfully there are a number of technical standards agencies throughout the world who specify test criteria for glazing to withstand a variety of bullets travelling at specified speeds from set distances. Only when a set number of samples have passed these tests do they receive the necessary test certification. The most commonly requested glass standards are BS EN 1063, BS 5051 and NIJ 0108.01 US whilst frames and doors are covered by BS EN 1522 .

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