1. Security Doors

    Bullet Resistant Doors

    Ballistic Doors are an essential part of any high security installation for the protection of people, property or assets. Architectural Armour design and manufacture within the UK a range of fully tested and certified ballistic security doors to offer protection from 9mm handguns up to 7.62mm armour piercing rounds. 

    Our Bullet Resistant / Ballistic doors are available in timber, steel or glazed designs, all can be manufactured to comply with either European EN 1522  and, or American NIJ 0108.01 Test Standards. 

    NIJ 0108.01 Level 111A tested using 9mm and .44 magnum rounds.

    EN 1522 FB4 / BR4 ballistic test to defeat  .357  and .44 magnum rounds.

    EN 1522. SG1 / SG2 & FS which tests using 12 gauge slug rounds

    NIJ 0108.01 Level III which tests using 7.62 rounds .

    FB5 / BR5 doors are tested and certified to defeat 5.56 x 45mm Nato ammunition.

    FB6 / BR6 doors are tested and certified to both 5.56 x 45mm and 7.62 x 51mm Nato rounds.

    FB7/ BR7 doors are tested to defeat armour piercing Nato rounds.

    Whilst the doors have not been specifically tested to UL752 , the EN 1522/3 certified doors are tested not only with basic panel shots, but require additional multiple shots to hinges, frame, rebates and cylinders, over 20 shots in all as shown above . We also include shots from 7.62 x 39mm AK47 rounds due to their worldwide proliferation. A comparison chart here details the similarities between the various testing standards.

    Bullet Resistant Vision Panels 






    Where there is a need to have clear vision through the door we can supply bullet resistant Vision Panels to match the ballistic integrity of the door, any size of configuration is possible, here we show the most popular designs. For doors that still require one way vision we have our Bullet Resistant Door Viewer, which has been independently tested and certified to be compatible with EN 1063 BR3 to BR7 and NIJ 0108.01 II , NIJ 0108.1 III and IIIA

    Ballistic Door & Lock Configurations







    Ballistic doorsets are available in a range of sizes and locking options, from single doors with either integral or surface mounted locks to leaf and a half to double leaf doorsets with or without vision panels. As an independent door manufacturer we are are to source the best access controlled locking or panic exit devices to meet your specific requirements.


    Attack Resistant Security Doors

    The Loss Prevention Certification Board developed a system of testing and classification of materials to resist forced entry which has been widely adopted by Police ,Government ,Insurance and Utility Companies. The relevant standard for doorsets is LPS 1175 Issue 7 which is a specification for the testing the burglary resistance of building components, strongpoints and security enclosures. LPS 1175  Issue 7 lists eight SR levels of manual attack resistance, each defined by the length of attack test time and category of tools available. 

    Architectural Armour offer LPS rated doorsets from level SR1 to level SR6, dependent on test certification doorsets are available in most configurations, single, double, leaf and half, complete with a comprehensive range of certified single and multipoint locking options.

    Fire Protection

    Dependent on specification our doorsets are available with test certification to 4 hours with European BS EN 1634 and BS 476 Part 22. In addition we offer SR3 and SR4 doorsets tested to the 3 hours UL 10C which encompasses  NFPA 252 .

     Blast Resistant Doors 

    Architectural Armour manufacture bespoke blast doors to meet your specific needs, whether to protect against industrial explosions, grenade, IED or VBIED,S we can design a suitable blast / bomb resistant doorset for most applications.

    Blast protection is perhaps one of today’s biggest challenges. Whether you are looking for blast doors, blast windows or any other building element that requires blast protection, Architectural Armour Ltd will have the solution at hand. A Petro chemical blast may be regarded as different to that of a terrorist blast attack but fundamentally, blast doors and blast windows will have to perform the same task – protecting people and places.

    Blast effects will vary with regard to circumstance but no matter whether the requirement for your blast doors or blast windows is calculated in   EXV, Kilopascals, PSI, N/m², kN/m², 100lbs at 30 feet, pipe bombs, fragmentation, IED’s, vehicle or hand delivered charges, our fully trained Technical Department will have the answer and also the product.

    If there is one Company that knows their Ir and Pr it is Architectural Armour Ltd. In house blast modeling, testing and calculations under pin our steel blast and timber composite blast doorsets. From functional powder coated steel finish blast doors to prestigious veneered blast doors, they all need to protect people and places.

    Keeping the threat as far away as possible is always the first consideration when assessing a threat from blast, although increasing the stand off is not always an option. From domestic Saferooms to commercial manufacturing and processing plants we have the answer. Blast doors and blast windows are not the only products and services we provide, we can compliment that level of protection with ballistic resistance and also that of physical attack.

    In addition to attack from conventional weapons, ballistic resistance is also needed for protection against blast fragmentation. Generally, blast fragmentation is considered to be traveling around 3 times faster than a rifle bullet. Combined with a blast wave traveling at 7-8000 metres per second then providing blast protection is an onerous task.


    Please contact us to discuss your blast rated requirements .