1. Security Windows

    Bullet Resistant Windows 

    Architectural Armour design and UK manufacture ballistic security windows to meet a wide range of UK , European and American Ballistic Standards. With a wealth of experience in a wide number of sectors ranging from Mining, Petrochemical, Diplomatic, Military, Health to Ultra High End Residential, Architectural Armour are well placed to meet your specific requirements .




    Ballistic Secondary Glazing 

    London boasts a unique blend of old and new buildings from Georgian garden squares to riverside glass and steel luxury apartments which make the addition of ballistic secondary glazing a bespoke rather than off the shelf product. Working with you to stay within the remit of listed building we can design an aesthetically pleasing secondary glazing system to achieve the desired level of protection.



    Ballistic Primary Glazing

    ​Ballistic windows frames can accomodate single or double glazed units to almost all ballistic specifications, utilizing years of experience, latest 3D modelling and state of the art manufacturing process we design and manufacture a range of ballistic window options from single windows to complex guard house assemblies all offering continious ballistic protection. 




    Ballistic Window Specifications 

    All our bullet resistant windows are UK manufactured to suit your exact requirements, frame designs have been tested and certified to comply with EN 1522 and EN 1063NIJ0108.01 which include tests to defeat multiple shots from the following weapons.



                  9mm Luger          Bullet Window FB2 BR2

                 .44 Magnum        Bullet Window FB4 BR4

      5.56 x 45 Rifle    Bullet Window FB5 BR5

     7.62 x 51 Rifle    Bullet Window FB6 BR6


                                   Bullet Window NIJ 0108.01


     Shotgun             Bullet Window SG1 SG2


    Please call +44(0)1981 257000 to discuss your specific requirements.



  2. Bullet Windows FB2 BR2

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  3. Bullet Windows FB4 BR4 SG

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  4. Ballistic Windows FB6 BR6

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  5. Bullet Windows SG1 & SG2



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  6. Ballistic Windows NIJ 0108.01 HCIS

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