1. Bullet Resistant Door Viewer

    Bullet proof SpyholeArchitectural Armour's new Bullet Resistant Door Viewer enables you to maintain the ballistic integrity of your security door whilst offering a 170 degree field of vision. Historically security door manufacturers have been limited to either installing a bullet resistant observation window, which is not always appropriate, or compromising the doors security by installing a non ballistic rated Viewer.

    The bullet resistant door viewer has been successfully  and independently tested to single shot from the following ballistic levels. EN1063 BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7, SG1 and NIJ 0108.01 levels II, IIIA and III.



    Ballistic Spyhole

    The door viewer is constructed from high grade stainless steel and premium grade commercial optics, which give a crisp, clear 170 degree angle of vision.
    It's fully adjustable to suit varying door or walling thicknesses from 44mm thick and upwards. The standard product fits doors between 54mm and 60mm in thickness. A spacer ring is supplied to accomodate doors with thickness between 44mm and 54mm. By special order the viewer can accommodate door and wall thicknesses above 60mm. 
    Please state finished door/wall thickness when ordering. 



    Ballistic Test Bullet Door Viewers
    The above image shows the viewers from the secure side, after successfully passing a single shot from all the stringent ballistic tests. Left to right – BR7, BR6, BR5, BR4 (which also protects against SG1, NIJ II and NIJ IIIA) and BR3.

    To better illustrate how the inserts arrest the bullet after initial penetration we have machined inspection slots, which show that no bullet has penetrated the viewing end of the unit.

  2. Bullet Spyhole Ballistic Test Summary

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  3. BS EN 1063

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