Cash Scoops

Cash Scoops are competitively priced and available from stock in 3 standard models, Portrait; Landscape and the larger Cash and Document Tray.

All are manufactured from brushed stainless steel to produce a robust maintenance free product for passing money and documents.These pass through trays are all suitable for use with indoor counters and screens, and can accommodate almost any thickness of screen glazing.

Please email or call for current prices.


Cash Scoop Tray Portrait Cash Scoop
Brief Summary:

Width           250mm 

Length        290mm

Pass Through:   220mm x 25mm 

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Cash Transfer Tray                Landscape Cash Scoop
Brief Summary:

Width      330mm

Length    280mm 

Pass Through 290mm x 40mm 

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Cash Tray Cash & Document Tray
Brief Summary:

Width           370mm 

Length        420mm

Pass Through:   320mm x 24mm 

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The Cash and Document Tray pictured above is featured in our Cashier Window Model SW1 , other Cashier and Transaction Windows are also available .


Architectural Armour Ltd also manufacture a range of deep pass through trays, which include the Combination (bulk cash and document transfer tray) and the Deep Tray, with a locking lid, which is suitable for external applications.


In situations where there is no natural speech path between staff and customers we offer the Audio Transfer Tray as well as the Electronic Speech Transfer System, which can be retro- fitted to our cash scoops or your own transfer trays.


Where the requirement is to passing larger items such as Cash in Transit boxes, Architectural Armour Ltd have a range of Secure Cash transfer units including a hopper type and electric bulk transfer units.


Architectural Armour Ltd are happy to supply these trays for sale to incorporate into your own security screens or as part of our own security window designs.


In addition to these and our other standard items we can manufacture trays to your own bespoke requirements.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


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