1. Cash Office Security


    Cash Offices require a high level of security as cash is still considered to be the primary target over other valuables for many criminals. By implementing a rigid security plan and installing specialist products you can greatly improve the overall security of your cash office and increase the security of your personnel.

    Restricting access to the secure area by installing security walls, windows and doors you can reduce the threat from the criminal fraternity. Utilising cash handling products like the Cash and Bulk Transfer Units situated in the security walls combined with a transaction window or incorporated within a security counter, will enable you to receive and despatch, cash in transit and other valuables without the need to compromise on security.

    Installing a pair of interlocked security doors will further enhance office security, eliminating the possibility of anyone tailgating entering or exiting members of staff into the secure area.

    Architectural Armour can offer a range of off the shelf products together with bespoke items to help you achieve the level of protection you require.