1. Oil and Gas Security

    Ballistic Armoured Shipping Containers

    With an extensive knowledge of bullet resistant materials and incorporating our range of certified products, which include ballistic doors, ballistic windows and ballistic louvres, Architectural Armour Ltd are able to offer our clients a custom solution to meet their exact requirements. After initial discussions we offer 3D conceptual designs for discussion before moving to the Solidworks design package, which gives us a more detailed design incorporating full 3D modelling, DXEF files for CNC machine manufacture and final assembly drawings for our welders and engineers to complete the works.



    Ballistic Refuges for Kurdistan Iraq.

    Worker Protection is a paramount consideration for all employers, when those employees are in potentially hostile environments the security measures become more critical . The presence of Islamic militants on the borders of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq presented the Oil and Gas Industries operating from bases in Erbil with the need to offer ballistic refuges to be placed close at hand within each worksite. Working directly with the "in country" security managers we designed, manufactured and shipped direct to Erbil, a quantity of ballistically rated 40 ft ISO shipping containers which are now distributed amongst their remote locations.

    Ballistic Refuge Design Features

    Flexibility in design enables us to choose armour to best suit our clients needs, these include certified steel, GRP aramids and cermics to offer a wide range of ballistic protection levels including EN1522 FB5/6/7 , NIJ 0108.01 levels IIIA, III and IV or higher levels of protection if required .