1. Ticket Office Windows

    Ticket Office Security Counters and Screens


    Ticket Office WindowsTicket Office security counters and screens are fitted at almost all manned railway stations within the UK enabling staff to work within a secure environment whilst engaging directly and efficiently with the traveling public.

    Security screens offer the necessary lone worker protection to enable staff to deal confidently with the customer, even when working unsociable hours when the risk of having to face abusive customers is heightened.

    Counter designs have to be functional, ergonomic and accessible to all whilst offering the appropriate level of protection to suit current and likely future security requirements. In addition to a secure counter, usually built upon a steel sub frame, the security windows are manufactured from a fully welded steel or stainless steel frame then fitted with laminated glass to offer either a bullet or physical attack resistant structure.

    Architectural Armour Ltd have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of Security counters and screens, ticket office windows and excess fares windows for railway ticket offices throughout the UK.

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    Rail Station Security a short history lesson.

    With its heritage beginning in 1825 with the opening of the first locomotive-hauled public railway, the UK rail system is the oldest in the world, and it's probably no coincidence that the British Transport Police can trace there beginnings back to 1826 when they are mentioned policing the Stockton and Darlington Railway, making them one of the oldest police forces in the world.