1. Ballistic Testing / Certification

    Architectural Armour's Ballistic Windows, Ballistic Doors and Wall Panels have been independently tested and certified to comply with current international bullet resistant specifications, which include EN 1522, FB2, FB4, FB5 &FB6, NIJ0108.01.

    bulletproof glass test


    Testing is carried out at internationally recognised test centres within the UK, who can conduct the full range of tests with different calibre rounds at the required distances and velocities using the following equipment.


    Rounds fired during testing are done so by a track mounted laser-sighted Universal Receiver fitted with the appropriate barrel for the bullet caliber required. This is used instead of a hand-held weapons as the accuracy tends to be far greater thanks to the stability of the rig and use of laser sights.






    ballistic testThe bullet velocity is measured using track mounted optical sky screens placed 1m apart with light sources to detect themovement of the bullet.The bullet velocity is measured at a point 2.5m from the sample under testing.The optical sky screens are connected to an electronic timing unit and velocity-calculating computer to gauge the speed of the bullet.


    The product under test is held in place by the sample holder, this is a track mounted trolley constructed from heavy steel to form a rigid mounting into which various holders can be fitted for different testing standards. Products can also be angled away from the receiver to comply with different standards such as EN1522.

    A witness system is used to detect any spool or splinters that occur behind the sample during testing. This system compromises of a 0.02mm piece of aluminium foil weighing 54g/m2 and measuring 700mmx525mm mounted over a splinter collecting box 500mm +/- 10mm behind the sample.




    The below pictures are extracts from EN1523 which is the method for conducting tests against EN1522, the specification for ballistic windows, doors, shutters and blinds.


    ballistic testing procedurebullet resistant glass testing