1. Jewellers Security Hatton Garden


    By its very nature jewellery retailing carries higher security risks than many other sectors, with high value portable assets the risk from robbery is an ever-present threat. Architectural Armour Ltd have extensive experience in many parts of the jewelry trade, with many satisfied customers in Hatton Garden alone.

    We understand the need to have items on display whilst maintaining a suitable level of security, by listening to your individual requirements we can usually design a secure solution which achieves the desired level of protection without impacting on sales.

    Statistics indicate that crimes against jewellers are increasing year on year whilst losses in more traditional sectors are in decline either by "hardening up" or reducing cash limits. It's no surprise that professional criminal gangs have begun to target the jewellery and goldsmiths industry, with methods ranging from distraction and slight of hand to more traditional robbery and smash and grab, the jewellery industry has never before been so vulnerable.

    London jewellers broken safety glassSmash and grab raids are still the preferred method of the opportunist thief, therefore careful consideration should be given to the shop front glazing. Most jewellers windows have been supplied and often replaced by local glaziers, typically these glaziers only stock sheets of 3 ply glass such as 6.4mm, 10.8mm and 13.5mm, all of which an experienced attacker armed with a small hammer and other hand tools can make an arm size hole within 10 seconds.

    Effective security glass for shopfront glazing needs to be a minimum of a 5 ply laminate, ideally with a layer of polycarbonate present, the difference between these and the 3 ply safety glass is they have to be manufactured to size and in 99% of cases cannot be cut after manufacture. With typical delivery times of 3/4 weeks it's easy to understand that following a smash and grab raid, jewellers need to replace the glazing quickly to get operational and end up back with the local glazier who assures them 3 ply glass is a security glass.

    To replace the shop front glazing with a high quality laminated glass is normally not just the simple replacement of the glass, manufacturing size limitations and often the need to either replace or at least alter the surrounding frame, not to mention possible planning and building control issues can make this a considerable investment. Other less intrusive options are to install a secondary layer of protection within the shop front display area itself, security secondary glazing or glazed cabinets can be fitted with high performance security glass, that will protect yet still clearly display the products.

    Access Doors should also warrant careful consideration, the desire to have clear visibility has led many jewellers to fit unframed toughened glass doors, if attacked the toughened glass will crumble into small safe pieces leaving you with no protection at all. We would recommend installing a steel framed security door fitted with high security laminated glass and adequate locking.

    The fitting of an inner door to create a glass lobby or airlock, where only one door can be operated at one time has become popular in recent years. This works better than a single door, as criminals cannot tailgate their way into the premises behind a genuine customer entering or exiting the shop. The need to pass through the controlled airlock when exiting also acts as a deterrent, as all professional criminals need a clear method of escape.

    Whilst its impossible to completely remove the threat of an attack, improved physical security combined with other measures can deter a high proportion,  Architectural Armour have a good understanding of bullet and physical security measures making us well placed to help you with your security requirements.

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