1. Bullet Panels

    Architectural Armour Ltd offer a range of ballistic sheet wall panels in varying thicknesses to meet with the following test standards.


    Handgun Specifications 

    7mm thick boards  -  EN 1063 BR2 and BS 5051 G0, equivalent to NIJ 0108.01 levels IIA

    12.5mm boards      - EN 1063 BR4 and BS 5051 G2equivalent to NIJ 0108.01 levels IIIA


    Rifle Specifications


    26mm boards EN 1063 BR4+  7.62 x 39mm (Kalashnikov AK47)

    32mm boards EN 1063 BR6 and BS 5051 R2, 7.62 x 51mm Nato

    35mm boards EN 1063 BR5 / BR6 and BS 5051 R1 & R2, 5.56 x 45mm Nato, equivalent to NIJ 0108.01 III 


    Shotgun Specifications

    12.5mm boards EN 1063 SG2 , BS 5051 G2S86


    The board construction of the ballistic grp sheets enable them to be retro fitted quickly and easily compared to building traditional concrete walls or cladding with armoured sheet steel, making them a more cost effective solution. A further advantage over steel is the reduced risk of secondary injuries from the richochet of bullets and blast fragmentation.


    The green armour sheets are manufactured from multiple layers of ballistic woven material that are injected with resin, then placed in a press to a form a rigid bullet resistant sheet. Ballistic panels have a multi-layer construction which enables the bullet's energy to be absorbed in a controlled delamination process, retaining the bullet within the layers, thus reducing the risk from richochet. 


    Bullet Wall Boards GRP Bristol ArmourIn standard bullet panels the grp thickness is dependent on which calibre of weapon you are looking to protect against, these range from 7mm to 35mm for the higher rifle specifications.


    Sheets are manufactured in standard panel sizes of 1220mm x 2440mm, (8' x 4'), whilst they can be easily worked on site with standard tools, we are able to cut and profile sheets to your own requirements prior to delivery to site. 



    Bulletproof Kevlar



    The picure adjacent shows 2 ballistic sheets, the right hand panel is 7mm thick, designed to withstand a 9mm handgun to EN1063 BR2, where as the 12mm sheets on the left provides ballistic protection to EN 1063 BR4 and SG2, these are tests to withstand multiple impacts from a .44 Magnum and Shotgun respectively.


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