1. Transaction Windows

    Architectural Armours Transaction Windows provide a secure operating point from which your staff can safely and efficiently carry out business with your customers. With the use of speech frames and electronic speech transfer technology, sound travel is not affected with the use of these windows.


    Our comprehensive range is designed to offer standard, in stock, products capable of meeting your operating and security requirements, however, as a UK manufacturer we can offer most of our products in bespoke sizes and colours to suit your customers specifications.


    The Cashier's Window range comprises the Model SW1 which is suitable for passing small amounts of cash and documents.  It is manufactured from stainless steel and incorporates a shallow pass tray with a clear pass through of 320mm wide and 24mm deep.  It allows the transfer of money and documents up to A3.  The glass within the frame is laminated security glass offering a good degree of protection from a physical attack.  This can be modified to have a higher degree of protection if preferred.


    In the same range is the Model SW2.  Made from the same material as the SW1, the SW2 is instead equipped with a Combination Tray, enabling you to handle documents up to A4 with the upper section (recessed sliding lid) and packets and small goods in the void below. The depth of the Combination Tray measures 144mm.  This model is suitable for internal and covered external applications.

    For External applications we have the External Ticket Window or Bullet Resistant Security Window (BSW) fitted with a deep pass through tray c/w lockable sliding lid. For the transfer of larger items we have the Night Pay Window, like the External ticket Window it is constructed of stainless steel and incorporates electronic speech transfer.


    Please refer to the relevant data sheet for more information on the Transaction Windows, including technical drawings, images and dimensions.


    Architectural Armour Ltd can offer bespoke Physical Attack or Bullet Resistant Windows and/or Screens to customer specification if the transaction windows do not meet your requirements.  We can also supply a range of ballistic ratings to withstand bullets from most calibre's of weapon.  As these are more specialist items please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


    Please email info@architecturalarmour.com or call us on +44 (0) 1981 257000 to speak to one of our team.

  2. Night Pay Window

    Night Pay Window

    Night Pay Windows are suitable for 24 hour operations

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  3. Cashier Windows

    Paypoint Window


    Cashiers Windows 

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  4. External Ticket Windows

    External Ticket  Windows


    External Ticket Window

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