Ballistic Windows FB6 BR6



Architectural Armour manufacture EN 1522 FB5, FB6 and EN 1063 BR5 and BR6  Ballistic Windows to suit your specific requirements. 

Our Bullet Windows have been independently tested and certified within the UK to both EN1522 FB5 and FB6 with a choice of spall allowed or no spall glazing options certified to  EN1063 BR5 and BR6. Frames are designed and manufactured within the UK using the latest technology. 

The FB6 BR6 window detailed on this page has been designed to withstand multiple impacts from a 5.56mm and 7.62mm Rifle rounds, click here to viewPDF Logo Full Product Details

We also offer Ballistic Windows Frames to other specifications which include EN FB2 BR2, FB4 BR4  SG and FSG, these windows can be fitted with a selection of glass composites in both Spall allowed and No Spall variants.

Please email or call +44(0)1981 257000 to discuss your requirements.

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