Audio Pass Through Tray

Audio Pass Through Trays are ideal for the transfer of money and small packets between the staff and public, especially where the security glazing systems does not allow an adequate path for the transmission of speech. The Audio Tray has an integral microphone and speech system providing fully duplex speech communication, with induction loop.


The tray’s sides are manufactured from mild steel whilst the central pass through trough is fabricated from stainless steel. There is a Perspex slider, which is designed to prevent anyone being able to reach through the tray to the secure side.


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Audio Transfer Tray Audio Tray
Brief Summary:

Width      430mm

Length    360mm 


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Electronic Speech System, Induction Loop


Electronic Speech Transfer System



The Electronic Speech Transfer System provides the same two-way communication as the Audio Pass through Tray but offers the flexibility to combine with our range of Cash Scoops and Pass Through Trays or retro fit to your existing cash trays.

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Architectural Armour Ltd also manufacture a range of Cash Scoops, and Deep Pass Through trays , all are made from brushed stainless steel and can accommodate almost any thickness of screen glazing. 



Where the requirement is to passing larger items such as Cash in Transit Boxes, Architectural Armour Ltd have a range of Secure Cash Transfer Units, one “hopper” type the other an electric bulk transfer unit, (BTU).


All items are for sale for you to incorporate into your own security screens or as part of our own security window designs.

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